Sunday, January 16, 2011

Letter RE: "Technology outpaces Privacy (Yet Again)" -- NY TIMES

Ms. Singer suggests that we are again witnessing the continual conflict between technology and privacy protections. Ms. Singer is wrong. Things have changed, drastically. Rather than have our privacy taken away from us by new technologies, we are now actively giving it away (albeit often due to the not-so-subtle coaxing of the new technology companies --like camera companies encouraging exhibitionism). We twitter or post our most banal experiences and thoughts, or provide websites with intimate financial details and genomic predispositions.
Perhaps we need to first reassess our shifting perceptions of privacy before we look to our slow moving legislatures and even slower to evolve laws.

Dov Greenbaum, JD MPhil PhD
Mark Gerstein, PhD

Unpublished letter in response to
Natasha Singer's "Technology Outpaces Privacy (Yet Again)" (12/12/2010)


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