Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter Re "Supersizing Hits Freight World" -- WSJ

I read with great interest the recent article about the plan to use ever larger "green" trucks on highways. I was rather appalled by this proposal, as I think it will lead to even more inefficiencies and make driving on highways an even scarier experience than it already is. Just the other day I was trailed by a convoy of 18-wheelers that was overwhelmingly large and intimidating, and reminded me just how scary it is to share the road with imposing vehicles. If it is indeed inevitable that we are going to have larger and larger vehicles on the road, perhaps there should in turn be some concessions for motorists. I could imagine, for instance, a law mandating that truckers consistently drive at 50 mph and only in the right lane. This type of measure would likely save even more gas than the current proposal for ever larger trucks and lead to a win-win solution -- for everyone, that is, except, of course, a hard-charging truck driver.
Mark Gerstein
New Haven, CT

Unpublished letter in response to:
Supersizing Hits Freight World

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  1. Driving the trend are rising fuel costs, an emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and capacity constraints created during the recession as freight movers scaled down.

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