Sunday, August 30, 2009

Letter Re: "Buyer Beware of Home DNA Tests" --NY TIMES

Ms. Brody’s article on consumer genetic testing lumps together all personal genomics companies.  Although only a nascent industry, there are a number of reputable companies that professionally and responsibly provide consumers with actionable information.  However, with the industry’s costs plummeting, there is a real concern that less scrupulous actors may enter the fray and provide less than useful, if not harmful, genetic (mis)information in the race to the bottom.  Compounding this concern are the broader social trends towards a more carefree attitude to privacy, particularly evidenced by the social networking phenomenon.  Unregulated cheap and easily accessible genomic information, compounded with an irresistible urge to share, is likely to result in the public disclosure of private genomic data  with no appreciation for the scope of its information content. And, once that information is shared online, it is effectively out there forever, with all it’s impending implications -- for children, grandchildren and future descendants.


Dov Greenbaum

Mark Gerstein


Unpublished Letter in response to:

Buyer Beware Of Home DNA Tests

By Jane Brody

August 29, 2009

The New York Times

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